FiberStar Java Bali Backbone

Our cable system provides alternate Domestic Private Line Circuit (DPLC) option for transporting data traffic across Java-Bali. The sophistication and high capacity of our fiber optic network helps us deliver the highest levels of service to our customers. The scalability of our data services also allows us to support multiple network technology. FiberStar Java Bali Backbone system is equipped with the state-of-the-art DWDM technology systems which can deliver more than 400 Gbps in every cities, enabling our network to support your business with stability and reliability that you can count on.

This service provides those who wish to grow their business rapidly across Java Bali, with advantages as follow :

  • High-speed connections up to 400 Gbps.
  • Multi-protocol infrastructure.
  • Multipoint configuration with Dedicated Service.
  • High-availability design with Carrier-grade equipment.
  • On-net ultra-low network latency, jitter & packet loss.
  • Stable network connection in 41 major cities in Java-Bali.
  • Reliable connectivity with 99,5% service level agreement (SLA).